There are many routes for a Personal Trainer to take. Generally, the paths I discuss with my clients lead us into these three main areas:





The majority of my work focuses on helping you to become fitter in your mind and body to accomplish the tasks you want to undertake. There are many ways for me to help you do this best – we explore and decide together exactly what is going to be right for you.




This system was developed by Joseph Pilates as a result of his experiences with wounded and bedridden soldiers in WW1. Afterwards, he refined his methods to make them suitable for those studying ballet, martial arts (many of his first clients were dancers and boxers), yoga and gymnastics. Today its many variations are an increasingly popular form of achieving peak fitness.




Yoga provides an holistic approach to the mind body, body and spirit. It originates from an ancient system of philosophy in India. Some people come to yoga for health and fitness; some seek relief from an injury or help to manage stress. Whatever your objectives, yoga has something for everybody.