My yoga journey

It began over twenty years ago when I trained with my first teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Miguel Ángel Sánchez from Cataluña. Over the next ten years I studied with several teachers including Godfrey Devereux in Spain and Italy where I gained experience in pranayama, meditation and yoga asana, reinforcing the importance of safety and ahimsa in personal yoga practice.

In 2004, I started a three year British Wheel of Yoga Diploma under Tara Fraser’s guidance. This comprehensive course on the philosophy of yoga and its safe and effective teaching has given me the broad framework to conduct my own teaching following these principles. I believe Tara has been the most crucial influence on my own teaching to date.

Since then, I have continued my yoga journey learning from further inspiring teachers such as Shiva Rea in California, Serah Ruth Goldberg and Lisa Messina in Toronto, and Anna Ashby in London. Combined with my three early mentors, these teachers have given me a varied palette of techniques, strategies and knowledge.

As a result, my teaching concentrates on two main strands of yoga; the dynamic which focuses on movement and its synchronisation with breathing; and the restorative which concentrates upon gentle restorative postures and the body yielding into relaxation.

I tend to conduct my teaching in private or with fairly small groups, although not exclusively.