Properly applied massage can help you achieve that muscle tone, stamina, flexibility or state of good health you seek.



Many of my clients approach me in the first instance because they wish to reach peak sporting fitness or are recovering from injuries caused by sporting exertion. Deep tissue therapeutic sports massage offers you a broad spectrum of related benefits.



MarcNyte_sportcoach_london_massage_overview_chavuttiCHAVUTTI THIRUMAL MASSAGE:

I recently travelled to India and gained my qualifications in this intensely relaxing form of massage. It has been practised successfully for many years, but is only now spreading into Western Europe and the USA.



MarcNyte_sportcoach_london_massage_overview_sportmassageTHAI MASSAGE:

The art of Thai massage was introduced to Thailand from India at the time of Buddha, some 2,500 years ago. Its techniques were passed on orally from generation to generation before being recorded on palm leaves. In 1832 King Rama III had all surviving scripts carved into stone which can be found to this day at the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok. There are two main styles – the northern style highlights stretching movements whereas in the southern style emphasis is given to acupressure.