Fitness Training


Originally I was an “adventure” cyclist, traversing parts of the world such as the United States, Mexico, Ecuador (across the Andes) and Israel. It was through fine-tuning my own fitness regime to achieve these feats that I became interested in the overall goals of reaching peak fitnessand set about the process of becoming a personal trainer.



It is crucial that you enjoy your training sessions. To those ends, I design special routines that are fun for you, and always encourage you to indulge in other exercise or sport that you enjoy.



The more I learn, the more convinced I am that a healthy,balanced diet is absolutely vital if you wish to become as fit as you can. I am qualified to give dietary advice.




The key thing to remember is that different methods of attaining fitness suit different people. I work a great deal with sportsmen and sportswomen to reach their optimum fitness levels. I also do a lot of work with older people, pregnant women and women seeking full fitness after childbirth. Don’t worry if you’re not at your fittest when you contact me – that’s the essence of my job. With a background in theatre I have some well-honed ideas about what is needed for those who work in the performing arts. For instance, I have considerable experience working with performers, who need suppleness and strength for each demanding role.