Exercise for the Elderly

MarcNyte_sportcoach_london_training_elderyFalls Prevention

One of the main things I am asked to help with is to prevent falls which, like it or not, are an increasing risk for us as we grow older. On a practical level, I am often asked to devise programmes to help with regular activities, such as getting in and out of baths. Since the consequences are often so debilitating (e.g. broken hips), you will find I can agree measures and exercises with you to minimise the risks of your falling, whether inside or outside the home.


Unless we take steps to prevent it, our mobility will inevitably decline with age. We also become more liable to suffer from osteoporosis – although exercise can help to prevent our bones becoming overstrained. Many people ask me for courses and exercises to keep them as mobile as possible and I have been very pleased to contribute to prolonging their active lives. You will find I keep these courses fun, practical and stress-free.


The incidence of Parkinson’s disease appears to be increasing, but there are things you can do – the effects of its onset may be slowed by a timely programme of physiotherapy. I’ll agree a programme with you that helps keep you fit and flexible as long as possible to maintain your independence. You may also want me to assist you with balance and posture.