Dame Diana Rigg – (75yrs) – Knee Replacement

Anyone who has a knee replacement – and this was my second – knows that the worst part is post operation when the physiotherapy begins. This means regularly doing painful exercises, pushing yourself through the pain barrier to teach your muscles to work again and achieve full mobility. One needs someone to urge and encourage you to do this and Marc is the perfect person. Never bullying, gentle but insistent, explaining in detail how each exercise will benefit you. In other words, he makes sense of the healing process, and in so doing enthuses you.


Mark Woodward-Smith – (52 yrs) – Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates

Marc has been my personal trainer for over 7 years and his approach and attitude to exercise has ensured that I will continue training with him for many years to come.
Due to a busy work schedule I train with Marc every Saturday morning. He uses a mixture of Pilates and Yoga which complements my usual training regime of weight training and cardio.
What impresses me about Marc’s training methods is his ability to embrace new ideas and concepts making the sessions varied and challenging. He also gives a strong emphasis on maintaining flexibility, which is something I need approaching 53 years old.
This constant drive to develop his skills as a trainer has enabled him to become a qualified Physiotherapist which again complements his training by understanding the mechanics of the human body. He is also an exceptional Masseur.
I cannot recommend Marc highly enough.


Gideon Kaufman – (89 yrs) – Discectomy – Back Surgery, Physiotherapy

At the age of 89 I underwent a discectomy in my lumbar spine. My surgeon recommended I have intensive physiotherapy as soon as I got home. Marc came to my home twice weekly and set me on a regime of exercises that helped me discover the core I never knew existed, increased my leg strength, walking ability and above all confidence. With the aid of a stick, I now walk daily to my local shops and visit friends. For now, thanks to Marc’s help I am not trapped in my own home relying on others – which was one of my greatest fears.


Alan Radcliffe – Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates

I approached Marc several years ago, as I had watched him training other clients in the gym and was very impressed with how he worked with them. Once I decided to work with a personal trainer, the obvious choice was Marc. Before we embarked on our sessions we chatted about what my goal was – in my case building muscle and strength – and Marc went through in detail how this could be achieved. I then had two sessions a week with Marc and was delighted with the results. Don’t be fooled by Marc’s quiet manner – his sessions are tough and focused – and will help you achieve your goal. Marc is a fully rounded trainer. While I was focused on building mass we also mixed it up with both yoga and Pilates (areas in which Marc is an expert) and this combination has produced the excellent results.


James Farquharson – Core Strength and Fitness Training

I have an early morning session with Marc in my local park (weather permitting) each week and have been doing so for 4 – 5 years. The original brief, to strengthen the core in order to help with a sore back, has now extended into a full work out which includes a broad range of exercises which cover upper body, stomach, legs and core. Whether preparing for a walking trip, a kayaking trip, a skiing trip or just as part of an on-going fitness regime my session in the park is now an indispensable part of my weekly routine and I can’t imagine not doing it


Natan Stoessel – (17 yrs) – Quadricep Muscle Strain

After I injured my knee whilst playing football, I had difficulties to walk and put weight through it. I had difficulty resting my foot on the ground. I was lucky to have my physiotherapist Marc coming to my home in order to work on my knee and leg with a combination of exercises and massages. Marc’s thoughtful approach truly helped me to recover fully, and I play again as if nothing had happened.


Carolyn Woodward-Smith – Pilates

After having children I developed back problems and was recommended Pilates to improve it. Marc has been my Pilates teacher for 9 years and he has always adapted his classes to suit me. They are always challenging and as a result I have become much stronger and my back problems have really improved. I have done one to one and small group classes with Marc and he is always very calm, patient and enthusiastic. I have always really enjoyed his classes.


Javier Oronoz Moreno – (14 yrs) – Groin Injury – Adductor Tendinopathy

I suffered a groin injury during a football match which left me unable to take part for the rest of the season. My doctor sent me to physio but it did not help. Then I sought the help of Marc. His physio treatments which included strengthening, stretching and ball drill exercises gradually improved my ability to kick the ball with more force and without the pain that made it impossible for me to play before. I’m now back to playing fully in my team. I really thought I would never play again so I am more than happy with Marc’s help and advice.


Leila Keys – (80 yrs) – Stroke – Pilates and Yoga

I had a stroke which made me feel my world had fallen apart. I had suddenly lost all my patients. Although I was lucky to be more or less completely recovered, I did not feel so. I had done Pilates for 20 years, I felt even that was at an end. I was fearful of going out as I was afraid of imminent collapse. Then I started my weekly sessions with Marc. He was a godsend to me. His intelligence, compassion and humour made me connect with muscles I had forgotten I had. He gradually got me over my fear of going out, and enabled me to connect with my long experience of Pilates and gave me the calm and the confidence that was possibly of other disciplines as well, such as Yoga. I have no hesitation in recommending him. I wish him every success.


Juliana Green – (76 yrs) – Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Disease – Mobility Training

Last year I had a stroke on top of a dicky heart and diabetes. When they let me home from hospital I didn’t go out for almost 6 months. I was too scared and too weak. My neighbour recommended Marc to come help get me walking. He helped me get over my fears and in a few weeks we made it as far as the Tesco Metro in Hammersmith. Marc knew I didn’t like this shop very much so he arranged with Age UK to collect me every other Friday to take me to the bigger Tesco at Brook Green. I will never be as fit and active as I used to be in my younger days but at least I can get my own shopping and not feel like a prisoner in my own home.


Joshua Milligen-Wright – (18 yrs) – Ankle Sprain (anterior talofibular ligament)

During the school holidays I tore the ligaments in my left ankle. I couldn’t do any sport and had to use crutches and have physio at home. Marc was my physiotherapist. He set me lots of exercises at first with a rubber band and later with a balance board. I felt my ankle get stronger over the weeks. I really enjoyed the later sessions as we did lots of drills in the park to get my ankle used to changing direction and more speed. I’m very happy with the help I got from Marc especially as I can play sports again.


Vida Saunders – Fitness Training

Three months ago, on the advice of my Neurologist, I began a fitness programme with Marc Nyte as my personal trainer. During this period, Marc has shown himself to be extremely professional and has demonstrated that he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal fitness and anatomy. His extensive knowledge of Yoga and Pilates, in particular, have been of great benefit to me. I train regularly with him, twice weekly and each session is thoughtfully suited to my particular needs and weaknesses, as well as being interestingly diverse and challenging. In the three months that Marc has instructed me I have reaped many benefits. My level of fitness and body tone have improved, but more importantly, a long term and nagging back problem, seems to have disappeared completely. I will continue to use him as my personal trainer and will not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and colleagues


Pauline MacKenzie – Group Yoga Class – Charity Fundraiser

We had the pleasure of having Marc visit Canada to do a yoga class. Everyone who attended loved Marc and his class. He is very professional in what he does. We had the class on a beautiful evening at our Rotary Park. The newspaper interviewed Marc and published photos of him in the paper. Then in 2012 everyone was wondering when Marc was coming back. They had a great surprise in September as Marc returned to Whitecourt and did another class at our beautiful new golf course. The ladies were back for another great Yoga class! We had to do two classes that night. He truly was amazing. Once again he was interviewed by the local paper and also did a talk on our local radio station. Everybody who attended the class made a donation. Marc had all the money given to “Relay for Life” a cancer charity and to the Christmas Hamper Appeal that provides support, food and other essentials for those who have very little or nothing at Christmas. So we are all waiting here in Whitecourt, Alberta for Marc’s return to Canada!

Juliette Stebbings – (47 yrs) – Multiple Sclerosis – Pilates and Physiotherapy

Three years ago I was diagnosed with MS. I was 44 years old with two teenage boys and I certainly thought my world was tumbling around me as I sat not knowing how it was going to affect me or how my future would change. The two boys at that moment were my salvation. Before this staggering diagnosis, I was the mother who ran and went in the gym every day, who played football, cricket and tennis with my sons, who walked everywhere because I loved to keep fit. It was also the thing I did when I was upset, stressed or feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks.
Suddenly my release was pulled away from me. On hearing the horrible news about MS I wanted to go out for a run to help me sort it out but I couldn’t. At that time, my body could not do that. Over the past three years my MS progressed badly enough to make me go on weekly medical injections which have very debilitating side effects but which long term really improve my mobility. But still I could not run and had lost my confidence to go in the gym. Somebody told me pilates was very good for MS patients and that’s when I contacted Marc.
Over a period of regular twice weekly sessions for three months, Marc has changed my life. Seriously. Not only has he strengthened my body to cope with the recovery from my medication, but he has given me the confidence to go the gym, to walk and part run a 5 mile circuit and to find more peace of mind as I take the exercise. He has helped me see that when I have some dark moments and when I am in a lot of pain, I can do it again. His expertise in physiotherapy were imperative as there were some days when he had to cater the session according to my ability. The combination of his skills, knowledge and very appealing character has culminated in a sensitive yet encouraging coach.
But do not be deceived…..he is no push over and certainly works you hard! If only he came in a box on the NHS like my injections.


Fiona Mylchreest – Fitness Training, Pilates and Physiotherapy

I first met Marc more than 10 years ago, when the receptionist at my gym recommended him as a personal trainer. She was right. I wanted to be fit and strong and I was. Several pregnancies later, Marc was the professional who fast-tracked the diagnosis of a massive ventral hernia which was putting huge pressure on my back. He kept in touch throughout the operation, then came to my house to chat, massage and do first gentle pilates and then a pilates/physio mix. During that time he put himself through university to become a trained physio; he worked hard to pay for his training and he studied very hard. He is now a first rate physio as well as a dear friend. I see him weekly, and however much I don’t feel like exercising I always feel better and taller afterwards. He has the gift of listening and observing, so he knows what hurts, what is difficult, and what I really need to do better. I would recommend to anyone with physical stress or injury to chat to Marc: the chat will probably make you feel better and he will tell you honestly if he can help you. And if he says he can, he will.


Marcia Gresham – Fitness Training

I am a woman in her mid 50’s. I have been training with Marc for (unbelievably) over 10 years! Outside my marriage, it is my longest standing relationship! The reason it has lasted so long is that Marc is a wonderful trainer and his sessions are always varied and fun. He always makes his clients feel unique and special. Apart from his expertise as a trainer, he is a most intelligent and caring human being and he brings that with him into his work. His sessions are always stimulating and you end feeling stronger, energised, with a tremendous sense of well being. He is always bringing new things to the table, springing from the many courses – yoga, pilates, physiotherapy – he has undertaken in the many years I have known him. Whatever your needs are from a trainer, Marc will devise a programme which is tailor made for you and always yields results.


Laurence Bridot – Massage, Pilates and Yoga

I am extremely impressed by Marc Nyte’s skills in terms of knowledge of the body and massage therapy. He developed his own approach, combining yoga and Pilates, which allows one to relax and stretch in a customised and precise way. This is particularly useful after my running for instance. I also find Marc’s massage very helpful in order to alleviate all the muscle tension from sport and stress, providing a sense of true wellbeing afterwards. I highly recommend Marc as a personal trainer and massage therapist, as I did recommend him to many friends already.


Naomi Low-Beer – Massage and Personal Training

I have had the pleasure of knowing Marc for the last 10 years. Over that time he has given me regular personal training and massage sessions and I have also attended his yoga classes. Marc is a fantastic person – kind, motivating and supportive. He always practises to the highest professional standards and is an excellent communicator. His training sessions are varied, interesting and never repetitive. He does wonderful massages – the best I have ever had. Marc has trained and massaged other members of my family, including my elderly mother and my two children. All have been delighted. I can highly recommend Marc – whatever your age or needs, he will do a great job.


Anne Keim – Massage

I spend most of my working day hunched over a computer. As a result I feel a lot of tension in my back, shoulders and neck. To save my back and my sanity Marc comes to my house once a month to give me a massage and untie all those knots. He has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the main tension spots, which aren’t always in the same place, and tease them back in to the right order. At times I think he has more knowledge and control over my muscles than I do! There are a few people in life that after a moment’s acquaintance you just trust. Marc is one of those people. He genuinely cares about people, which when combined with his skill and expertise produces amazing results. We have nice chats, but he also senses when I just want to switch off and relax into the massage. That he comes to my house is an added bonus; I don’t have to hassle about getting anywhere or finding a parking space. After a visit from Marc I float for the rest of the day.


Jane Dawson – Massage

Marc’s knowledge of the anatomy of movement transforms a massage into a healing therapy. His healing hands work wonders in making your joints feel young again. I think of his massages, not just a treat to look forward to, but as integral to my all round physical exercise practice.


Lindsay Bright – (31 yrs)- Knee Injury (Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligaments)

During a skiing holiday I tore my ACL and sprained my PCL. As soon as I got back to the UK a friend recommended Marc to me for rehab. What has been great about working with Marc is that he has guided me through all phases of the rehabilitation – strength, stability, balance, proprioception through to getting back into fitness training and sport. I have since made a good recovery and returned to the slopes. I still see Marc from time to for massages which are very helpful for my tight muscles and stressful job. I recommend him highly!


June McLeod – (65 yrs) – Hip Replacement

After having hip replacement surgery I approached Marc for physiotherapy and massage. I had heard a lot about his work from a good friend. I have no doubt that Marc’s knowledge, guidance and encouragement was instrumental in my return to normality. Marc helped me work through the discomfort in order to gain the range of movement and strength I needed to get back to a normal life. I still take regular exercise classes and enjoy Marc’s massages to this day. I am certainly much fitter than I have ever been – and after one of his superb massages, very much more relaxed!


Kenane Barlow – Osteoarthritis – Mobility and Balance Training

Marc came to me at the insistence of my 4 daughters who were concerned about my mobility. I didn’t want to do any of the exercises as I found them painful to endure. But as time went on the pain turned to pleasure and anticipation for a life with a little more action. Marc cares for me not carelessly but carefully. He has helped me manage my osteoarthritis and gives me more optimism that wipes away my depression. When he comes there are a variety of tasks and exercises such as ‘bally’ – catching and throwing a ball and many other mobility activities which make me aware of certain capacities that had been absent for quite some time. He comes to my home to create harmony and comfort. He is so good that he warms my heart to beat joyfully. Thank you Marc for being.