In brief, physiotherapy is aimed at getting all your muscles and joints to work at their highest level of efficiency.
Whatever you want to put right, I will always examine you, listen to your explanations of your symptoms, and agree
a programme of action with you that will take you towards that goal. Treating musculoskeletal problems and complaints
is the very essence of what I do as a physiotherapist.

Back Pain

One of the areas in which my help is most sought is back pain. You may have picked up an injury to your lumbar spine for all sorts of reasons, such as excessive strain, twisting a nerve, ruptured disc or lack of conditioning. Physiotherapy is a highly effective way of dealing with these back pain problems.The treatment I will agree with you will be designed to ease the pain and to prevent it recurring.


Sporting Injuries

Many of my clients suffer from sporting injuries and, obviously, want to recover as fast as possible in order to be fully active again. You will find that it is also better for the injured body parts to be exercised as soon as is practical after the injury. Generally, the quicker you take remedial action, the quicker your recovery. However, I am sensitive to potential problems that can be caused by exerting too much strain too soon, and devise treatments accordingly.