Personal View


Personal View and Philosophy

I believe that there are many paths to spiritual and physical wellbeing and I recognise I am only expert in a few of them. But in those few, I can offer exciting and proven training, physiotherapy and massage techniques to suit everyone from teenagers to eighty-somethings.

Your Enjoyment

If you want to attain your peak physical fitness through training, physiotherapy or massage, I am convinced you really should enjoy it. So I’ll continually encourage this aspect and recommend you take other exercise to buttress your regime. It always has to be fun…

My Working Philosophy

Once I begin working with you, I am completely dedicated to your wellbeing as soon as we’re together. This does work both ways. Consequently, if you see me with another client (e.g. on a training run), you may feel I am being remiss in not taking more notice of you. It’s not that – it’s just that I am giving my current client 100% attention at that moment.

Client Confidentiality

As a natural extension of this work ethic, you can be sure that the confidentiality of our relationship is one of my main concerns. I exercise complete discretion on your behalf at all times.

My Qualifications

I have full qualifications (and insurance) for every form of personal training, physiotherapy and specialist massage that I undertake. See here.