OTHER WAYS TO EXERCISE: The gym is not the only place to exercise. It is important to find something that catches your imagination. Here are some of the places I have found enjoyable and effective in keeping me fit and healthy.

YOGA SITES: A few sites that are useful if you would like to broaden your knowledge of yoga.

CHARITIES: Taking part in a run, hike, bike ride or one of the numerous events organised to raise money for charity is a great way to get fit and immensely rewarding. Your efforts will help make a huge difference to lives in need of support. I have either volunteered or participated in events for the following charities and can recommend them highly.


ACTIVITY HOLIDAYS: I highly recommend these companies when planning an active holiday.

SPECIALISED SUPPORT: Now that I am a qualified physiotherapist, I carry out much of my work with older people, often when they are seeking to recover from or ameliorate certain conditions or illnesses, such as MS, Parkinson’s or stroke. My clients often ask where they can find out more information and gain extra support and advice on these and other health-related topics. Here are a few selected websites that I use.

WEB DESIGN: In case you’re wondering who designed this slick website, I highly recommend Florian Perrier for his diligent web building skills and Alex Arzuman for his sharp graphic designs. It has been a pleasure working with these guys who have been with me every step of the way. You can check their websites below for further information regarding their work and services.