I’ve been working as a personal trainer for several years now, and have gradually evolved a series of techniques that can develop programmes to suit everyone. Whatever you need from me as a trainer, I make sure it is fun as well as beneficial. My range, as you can see from the photographs, is broad, encompassing exercise training, personal fitness, Pilates and yoga – while locations can vary from the gym to the park, and the forest to the beach!


Although I qualified comparatively recently as a physiotherapist, I am already building up a network of regular clients, both young and old. Here are some images detailing some post-operative work I have been doing, together with others showing help I’ve been giving those of my clients with musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions. You’ll also notice that I’ve included several pictures from my trips to Guatemala and Peru where I gained extra physiotherapy experience.


The images show that my mainstays are sports massage, Chavutti massage and traditional Thai massage, all of which I describe more fully in their sections on the site. As you can see, they involve very different techniques – clearly, sports massage is designed to help anyone playing sport with their toning and recovery programmes – but the great thing about my other specialities, still relatively rare in the UK, is that absolutely anyone can benefit from them.

Central and South America

Here are some pictures that were taken on my trips to Peru in 2008 and 2011 and to Guatemala in 2006, when I was engaged in voluntary work with mentally and physically disabled children. You’ll be able to spot that anatomy lessons and instructions in healthy eating were all part of the syllabus! Not only that, but we were able to do so much good work in the open air, from beach to countryside. In short, they have been incredibly fulfilling adventures.